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Success Follows Natural Laws

We're into the second month of the year and you're staying focused on the goals you set yourself for this year. Every now and again, though, a touch of impatience bubbles up. "I'm putting in all this effort; why is nothing happening yet?!"

Here's the thing: success follows natural laws. Here's what I mean:

Let's say you wanted to grow some tomatoes. You would start by buying seeds, ensuring that you have enough nutrients in your soil, and you would educate yourself about what helps tomatoes to grow. Full sun or shade; spacing; watering; companion plants; pest control, etc. These are all important ingredients in the success of your tomatoes.

Once the seeds are planted you would allow time for them to germinate and take root, and for the seedlings to gradually grow. There's no rushing this process. Even if you have all the boxes ticked, tomatoes grow at a certain rate. Yours is to be patient and to tend them as required. In time you will indeed reap the fruits of your labour.

Success in your work and life works in similar ways. Be patient! We often under-estimate the time it takes to go from idea to product/service/result. It doesn't help that we are often bombarded by messages of overnight successes and get-rich-quick hacks.

The truth is, whether you're growing tomatoes or revenue, it takes time. Yours is to keep doing the (often tedious) work. In time you will reap the rewards. That's nature!

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