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leadership Development

Leaders are made, not born. That's the principle that informs my Leadership Development work and my belief that, with the right tools and practises, anyone can become the leader they choose to be.

My primary focus in Leadership Development is helping leaders embody leadership presence and to lead from the inside out. Particular focus areas include:

  • Leadership embodiment

  • Reflective practice

  • Visioning and goal setting

  • Leader as coach

  • Mindfulness

  • Work-life alignment

  • Stress management


As Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of Cape Town's Nelson Madela School of Public Leadership as well as Adjunct Faculty at the United Nations System Staff College, programmes I have facilitated include:

  • Emerging African Leader Programme

  • Women, Influence and Power Programme

  • Leadership, Women and the UN

  • UN Leaders Programme

  • UNAIDS Women's Leadership Programme

  • Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity

  • Understanding Poverty and Inequality in South Africa

  • Collaborative Leaders Programme


Leadership, Women & the UN Programme Team

Our heartfelt gratitude to you for leading all of us through such an invaluable and critical module! It really helped bring the programme journey home and was unanimously appreciated by both cohorts.


Matodzi Amisi, Senior Research Consultant

I don’t think I can thank Maria enough for how well she facilitated the deep introspection and reflection sessions. I felt so supported and despite having 26 people to deal with I felt personally cared for.

Atlantic Fellows_leadership.png

Participant, Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity

Maria is the best. We desperately need a facilitator for these sessions and it needs to be the same person. Her being here totally changed the quality of the week.

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