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I'm Maria. I coach and develop doctors, leaders and change-makers who want to get to the next level of impact and success.

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My Story

"The world needs us at our best."

That's the closing line of my TEDx talk in which I describe the struggles I faced as a doctor and my decision to walk away from clinical practice.

To say that I'm a coach doesn't quite capture the true essence of what I do. In addition to applying coaching principles to the work I do with clients, I also serve as a thinking partner, cheerleader, truth teller and wise counsel, all in service of bringing out the best in my clients.

I have never been one to follow the predictable path. After leaving clinical practice I reinvented myself as an award-winning author, coach, leadership development facilitator and mindfulness practitioner. Deep down I still love medicine, and the work that I've done since leaving clinical practice has equipped me with the tools to coach doctors and develop leaders and change makers in the medical profession. 

I believe we are all here to fulfil one primary purpose - to be the highest version of ourselves. That means letting go of limitations we place on ourselves, daring to dream, and going after what really matters to us.

I do the most work on myself, fine tuning my internal instrument so that I can best serve others.

I love to read, journal and take walks in nature.

I live in Cape Town with my husband and two daughters.


I love to connect! Feel free to email me directly.

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